With the world changing around us so rapidly, and the threat of COVID-19, we are reaching out to keep you informed of Pursuit Real Estate’s Coronavirus policy.

In making our preparations we are following advice from the World Health Organisation, the Chief Medical Officer and Government recommendations, this advice is being updated frequently but what has become apparent is the need for social distancing.

As this request moves closer every hour to becoming a law, we have decided to alter our way of advertising properties for lease and for sale, during this pandemic.

 Open homes as of the 24/03/2020 are now no longer acceptable under the act, no more than X amount of people can be in a certain space at a certain time (I say X because this too is changing rapidly)

From here on in we will conduct Private Viewings by appointment only and at the discretion of the occupant and only within Qld Govt guidelines- no illness within the home, no travel in the past 14 days etc.

We are currently looking into virtual tours, video screening and video inspections, to continue moving forward with routines and showings.

If a property is coming on the market for sale, we will work with the Occupants to secure professional photography and a video walk threw enabling us to showcase the property professionally, online with ease.

If a property is coming up for lease renewal and the tenants have decided to vacate, we will not be taking fresh photography until the vacate. If we have existing photography on file, we will use that, and advertise the property promptly. We will also contact our current data base to inform them of the rental becoming available and advertise the property for expressions of interest on our website and social media platforms.

We will work at our full capacity to secure new tenants prior to the lease expiring so there is no or minimal vacancy between leases.