How we help

If you ever have that question ‘but what on earth does a property manager do?’, we understand – we had that question ourselves, before we decided to master it! Below is an outline of our services. If you’re still left with questions, please call us. No obligations. No weird sales pitch. Just straight answers and an unerring commitment to helping you get maximum return from your property – because we believe that your investment for the future shouldn’t consume your enjoyment of today.

Quality tenants

We find you the best tenants with our local knowledge, superior property marketing, and thorough applicant screening.

Licensed, local agents

Our staff live, work, and invest in the local community. We understand the market, we know what attracts people to the region and we appreciate what tenants are looking for in a property. We leverage this experience to build our vast network, create strong relationships and connect with prospective tenants so you get the best one for your investment.

We draw on our local knowledge and experience to share advice on how to improve your property to get maximum return on your investment; set your rental rates to meet the market and minimize vacancy time; and tick off all your risk management and compliance requirements, whether they’re in place at a national, state or local level.

Superior property marketing

We know how to get your property noticed – for all the right reasons. We ensure your property looks presentable and appealing from the start, photograph it to show off its best assets, and then share it with the world with a comprehensive marketing campaign featuring engaging copy, professional photos, and extensive online exposure. We then manage prospective tenant enquiries and viewings and guide them through the application process so that it’s hassle-free – for you and for them.

Thorough applicant screening

We know, we know – all property managers say they ‘thoroughly vet’ their tenants. We say it too. At Pursuit Real Estate, this is what it means we actually DO…


We verify an applicant’s identity, residency/ visa status, employment status, income and their ability to pay for rent and care of your property.


We check their rental history. We don’t just look at the form, we contact their previous landlords and property managers. It’s important for us to find out what their rental performance has been like for others.


Then we dig deeper and conduct a tenant blacklist search. This shows us if the prospective tenant has committed a rental offence in the last three years (such as damage, rent arrears or break lease).


Next, we also make sure that your property matches the lifestyle they are seeking. For example, if they have a huge dog and you have a tiny yard, it’s hardly a perfect match. Qualifying tenants’ suitability for the home means we can meet the needs of both parties. This improves tenant satisfaction and results in happy tenants that are eager to stay long-term.


Finally, if they’ve passed everything else, we ask ourselves the big question: ‘would we rent one of our own properties to them?’. 


If the answer is a resounding ‘yes’, then we present the applications to you, with recommendations, for the final decision.

Our thorough tenant vetting process ensures that we can all be confident you have the best tenant for your property.

Ongoing tenant management

We don’t just place a tenant and then forget about them. We’re committed to building a relationship so we can troubleshoot any problems and encourage long term tenancy (because that means long term revenue for you). As well as placing a tenant and collecting rent, we liaise with them on maintenance issues and future plans. We represent you in tenancy renewal and negotiations, rent increases, lease extensions and termination of tenancies so that you know the paperwork is covered, your interests are protected, your tenants are nurtured and your property investment is a hassle-free experience.

Revenue protection

We protect your revenue with strict policies, regular disbursements, and detailed accounts.

Prevent rent arrears

We know that cash flow is essential when you’ve got an investment property, and we have a strict rent arrears policy to minimise your exposure to risk.

We clearly outline our rent payment expectations and procedures to tenants; we document their obligations, and we provide a number of payment options to make it easy for them to pay rent automatically and electronically.

Our process and prompt payment lapse notification system mean we can identify payment issues immediately and act straight away, so your revenue isn’t compromised.

Your property, your disbursement terms

Disbursements can be made on your terms. We can clear funds to you weekly, fortnightly or monthly, so you can plan your investment revenue to suit your present while setting you up for the future.


Keep your accountant happy

We know the devil is in the detail:

  • We maintain a transparent fee structure.
  • We will never charge you for something you haven’t agreed to.
  • We will always be available to answer any questions you have.

All your accounts will be thoroughly receipted showing income, expenses, fees, and commissions and you’ll be provided with a detailed annual statement showing GST, expenses, and income.  We can also send your statements directly to your accountant, saving you time and storage.

No nasty surprises; full disclosure; and total commitment to helping you get the maximum return on your investment.

Property management

We look after your physical assets with thorough inspections, smart maintenance, and expert knowledge.

Regular, thorough property inspections

We perform four inspections a year to ensure your property is being cared for to the standard you expect, as outlined in the tenancy agreement. We follow a ‘prevent and predict’ approach to maintenance, so we’ll notify you of any opportunities to avoid costly future repairs. After each inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report with photos, including any recommendations or comments for your attention. You can be confident your property is being cared for and you’ll know what shape it is in and what needs to be done (if anything) so it continues to yield maximum returns.

Prompt, professional tradespeople

When it comes to repairs and maintenance, we know it’s important to not only protect your physical assets but to protect your bottom line too. We do this with quality contractors, quick response and accurate assessments. Our trusted network of licensed, professional tradespeople is on call to repair and maintain your property as required. We screen our tradespeople just like we screen our tenants – if we wouldn’t trust them to work on our place, we won’t trust them to work on yours. We thoroughly review their quotes, invoices, and quality of work to ensure you’re getting value for money and that you’re not subjected to unnecessary expenses. Your property is in safe hands – without you having to do the running around!

Uncompromising compliance management

There are a lot of laws and regulations in the property game, designed to keep you, your property and your tenants safe. We make sure you’re meeting your compliance obligations including, but not limited to, documentation, insurance, smoke alarms, pool fencing, property maintenance, security, and tenant management. We have the extensive industry knowledge and stay up to date on legislative and industry changes to keep you informed – because ignorance is risk, and that’s what we’re here to minimize for you.

Let’s go steady

We believe that property investment is a long-term strategy, which means working with a property manager should be too.

  • We’re committed to communicating with you clearly, openly and honestly.
  • We know it sounds corny, but we’ll treat your investment, and your tenants, like they’re our own. We formed this company because we couldn’t find what we wanted in a property manager, and we’re driven to fill that gap for you.
  • We believe getting good tenants, and keeping them, is the key to lowering vacancy periods, supporting cash flow, minimizing risk and maximizing return.

You’ve made the smart decision to invest. Now make the smart decision to look after your investment – without the hassle.

Have a look around the site. Email us. Call us. Take the drama out of your investment property – because investing in the future shouldn’t take up your precious time and energy today.