Let’s talk about fees

If you want to know more about what each fee type means and what they cover, read on. We want you to be confident that you understand exactly what you’re getting for your money so you can make the best decision for yourself, your investment and your future.

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Our advertising and marketing fee includes:
  • Quality photos taken by us, showcasing your property at its best so it can attract the best tenants.
  • Maintenance and home improvement advice from our property managers to help your investment achieve its maximum rent and attract tenants – without performing unnecessary work and expense.
  • High traffic internet listings, including a Premiere listing on realestate.com.au and a Gold listing on domain.com.au and to target ideal tenants quickly and avoid lengthy vacancies.
You can also select additional services for extra profile, including:
  • Specialist Photography – We engage an experienced, expert photographer who specializes in real estate photography. We negotiate this rate with you before we go ahead.

Tribunal administration & representation fees

No matter how well you’ve engaged a tenant, evictions can be an unfortunate part of owning an investment property. In the rare event you need to take a tenant to court, we can take the hassle and uncertainty out of the process by assisting with document preparation and representing you in court.

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