Are you looking to join Pursuit Real Estate but aren’t sure how to make the switch? Call our friendly team today, and we can provide you with more information and arrange a time to meet. We are happy to discuss with you the joys and complexities of entering the investment property world!

We will also conduct a few checks on our end to make sure everything is legally compliant. We will then discuss the sign-over process with you – there are a few steps involved in bringing you, your property and your tenants onboard with Pursuit Real Estate.
Once you are ready, we can make it official, then comes our favourite part.

Your investment becomes our investment too as we assist you with your investment property throughout your journey.

The best part of Pursuit Real Estate is as an agency we have access to the tools and systems you need to assess each applicant and find your perfect tenants.
We also encourage our landlords to maintain their homes each year, as it helps with the following:

  • Well-maintained homes are less likely to incur expensive damages;
  • Attracts more tenants;
  • Ensure the home remains a market-leader for rent in the area it is located;
  • Retain sale value in the event you decide to change your investment strategy without having to spend large sums prior to sale;
  • Maintenance of the home can be deductible – make sure you speak to an accountant about this for more information.

Our team can recommend the most cost-effective fixes for your home that ticks all the above boxes without breaking the bank.
We have the industry leading tools to help you find a tenant and a team dedicated to making sure that the tenants we find are the best.
For additional information on our tenant selection go to our dedicated page.

At Pursuit Real Estate, we conduct four inspections a year. For all new tenants, we will inspect around 6-8 weeks after they first move in. From there, it will be every 12-13 weeks.

During these inspections, we examine the health of the property and how it is being cared for by the renters. In this time, we also take notes and photos to create a report for your records and the renter’s records.

Our inspections ensure your home is kept in top condition.

You can be paid either monthly, bi-monthly or weekly. In the disbursement, you will receive a report detailing the activity of the property in each period.

You will also receive a comprehensive statement at the end of the financial year with a detailed dissection for your accountant.

At Pursuit Real Estate, we have a dedicated team of tradespeople available to help with any degree of work. It doesn’t matter if the job is big or small, we will ask for quotes and discuss the work needed to be carried out with you before it is actioned.

We also keep a record of the account for your property on your behalf, so you know all the maintenance that has been done to the home.

The short answer is yes. We believe this is the best way to combine all the accounts related to the property.

We can have access to pay these accounts on your behalf so you can sit back and relax. We collect your income and pay your accounts, and all these expenses are recorded on your owner’s statement so you can deliver a comprehensive report to your accountant.

Yes, as the owner, you can inspect the property. However, we ask you to discuss visiting with you property manager so we can arrange the appropriate time and required notices for the visit.