Supporting Communities

Residential lifestyle is foremost about community. With the Pursuit belief that everyone deserves a home for their now and an investment for their future, we know that includes being a supporting community member for local, national and global improvement projects. We desire to share our successes and triumph together.

We are proud supporters of these local, national and global projects:


Dig In: is a registered not-for-profit charity that provides wholesome, home-made meals for the homeless and disadvantaged in Brisbane city. By supporting the unfortunate, we hope to build a stronger, safer and more caring community.

We have provided over 100 wholesome meals to the less fortunate through DIG IN:


B1G1 means for every buyer, we become a giver.

When you work with Pursuit Real Estate, we ensure that those less fortunate than ourselves are given the opportunity to benefit and grow with us. It is another way we believe in the Pursuit of Better. We are currently supporting these giving projects:

Rent or Buy with Pursuit Real Estate

We appreciate every customer that help our business to thrive – We give $2 to support the care and rehabilitation of wildlife that have been injured or lost habitat due to Australian bushfires for every new lease agreement and buyer contract we sign.

Sell with Pursuit Real Estate

We love it when you choose to sell with Pursuit Real Estate because not only do we get to do what we love, we save a little bit of rainforest every time. Because we believe for every home we look after we need to have a little bit of nature to enjoy too.

New Property Management with Pursuit Real Estate

We are super-passionate about providing homes whether you are buying or renting. Families with sick children need accommodation so that they can be within arms reach of their little one as much as possible. So, for every investment property you choose Pursuit to manage, we provide two nights accommodation to families of sick children. Because everyone deserves a home for their now.

Please note that giving impacts may not be immediately up-to-date.