To report any issues at the property, you must submit an email to your property manager informing them of the issue. Email allows us to have a record of your request and concerns that we can forward to tradespersons and landlords. You may also print and complete the following form here and return it to us at the office.

Doing this will help us respond to your maintenance request in a timely manner.

The meaning of Emergency Repairs is defined in Section 214 of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008. It states:

Meaning of emergency repairs

(a) a burst water service or a serious water service leak;
(b) a blocked or broken lavatory system;
(c) a serious roof leak;
(d) a gas leak;
(e) a dangerous electrical fault;
(f) flooding or serious flood damage;
(g) serious storm, fire or impact damage;
(h) a failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to premises;
(i) a failure or breakdown of an essential service or appliance on premises for hot water, cooking or heating;
(j) a fault or damage that makes premises unsafe or insecure;
(k) a fault or damage likely to injure a person, damage property or unduly inconvenience a tenant of premises;
(l) a serious fault in a staircase, lift or other common area of premises that unduly inconveniences a tenant in gaining access to, or using, the premises.

Information current 25 September 2019.
For more information, visit the Residential Tenancies Authority.


When your lease is expiring, we will contact you and the owner to decide if both parties agree to renew the lease as well as extending the possession of your home.

Both parties agreeing, we will renew your general tenancy agreement with the new lease dates and you will be sent a copy to sign and return to us.

If you choose to move out, submit the notice of intention to leave (form 13) and the property manager will start the process so you can vacate the property. If you receive a notice to leave (form 12), we are under instruction to vacate the property at the owners request.

During the tenancy agreement, your rent cannot be increased unless agreed upon at the lease start. However, your rent can go up in price during the lease renewal process, as long as it hasn’t been less than six months since the last increase.

You can read more about this here.

To add an additional tenant, you must submit an application, which will need to be approved by the owner of the home. To remove someone, you need to contact your property manager to discuss the change to the agreement, including how the bond arrangement may change.

Before you allow the pet to enter the home, you need to chat with your property manager. You will need to discuss the type of pet, and then you will need to submit an application for approval. Keeping any unapproved pets on the property is a breach to your lease agreement.

You can access the application for pet approval here.

Moving on

As your lease ends, you must give at least 14 days notice before you move out with your Notice of Intention to Leave. If you want to break your agreement before the end of the lease (a break lease), you will need to contact your property manager to discuss the conditions that apply.

At Pursuit Real Estate, we make it an easy process to return your keys. You can drop your vacate pack back to us in person, or we will provide you with a return envelope. You just need to tick the checklist, add the keys and send it back to us.

After you have returned your vacate pack, we will work on finalising your lease and close off the lease for you. Once the property is checked, we contact the RTA to release your bond.

Getting in touch

The best way to reach your property manager is via email rentals@pursuitrealestate.com.au. When you are emailing, detail your questions or concerns, and we can start working on your request. Or you can call the office on (07) 3137 1640 to talk to us directly. If you want to talk face to face, please drop in and speak to our friendly team. See our contact page for more details.